A Celebration Of Life

As I read all of your true concerns for me and for Lou, I am listening and learning from all of you. I know everything that has happened in the past and it was very painful for both of us. That is why he built for me, to protect me from all of this heartache. I am strong, and I am very fragile as I go through the forum and allow these people to at least have their last say. I want it to be a healing time for all of us no matter how difficult it is for me, this is about the man I cherished, and he taught me real love for all people. You might think I'm kidding you here , but when I am answering this thread right this minute he is watching me type, I feel him looking over my shoulder and guiding me to say the right thing. As all of you know he was a brilliant man. I think people felt threatened by his genius because everyone wants to be intelligent and gifted as Lou , no one could ever fill his shoes and it must be taken as an opportunity to make this place better than ever

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Hep C Out Of Bounds

Hello Again ! I have something on my mind that needs to be discussed by anyone that cares about people affected by HepB or HepC "Out Of Bounds" was created by a man that had been diagnosed with the virus and he immediately jumped into action to find the best support online for himself, only to find a lot of discontented and disgrundled people that are all in this website self stroking egocentric nonsense and drama that we can find very easily. My question to these people is while you are out there caught up in this "WEB GAME" of who has the biggest and the best (ego) who is in the support sites helping people? Do any of you think you are actually helping people by writing slanderous things about my best friend and mentor in the world? Please get off of your throne Mr. Peter F. you have been perched on it too long. There are dying people in these rooms do you think you can do any better? You tried to get into "Out of Bounds" several times and guess who ban

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